Flying from Bristol to North America For Less

Air travelers can rejoice! Flying from Bristol to the United States and Canada is now cheaper than ever, thanks to a new budget airline. WOW Air is based in Iceland and has one of the world’s youngest fleets of aircraft. UK travelers can fly all the way to Washington, D.C. or even California (beginning in June 2016) for a small price, via Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. Travelers from cities in North America, particularly Montreal, Toronto, and Boston can now cross the Atlantic to the UK and mainland Europe for bargain prices. The low cost of getting from one continent to another has changed air travel, and players such as Ryanair, and EasyJet are corporate giants. WOW Air will be in the same league soon enough, as their web expands. They already serve twenty-three destinations in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Low cost carriers are exactly what they seem. What you get is the bare minimum: an aircraft with one cabin where all seats are identical, no free food, no free baggage allowance, and no onboard entertainment. But, let’s be honest, cheap fares are what everyone is looking for. Hopping around Europe is effortless. Think about how long it would take to get from Paris to Madrid, Rome to Munich, and Brussels to Amsterdam if travelling by train or car.

When they need to fill seats, budget airline will drop their prices so low it’s almost as if you’re paying for dinner and a movie. Airline tickets for the equivalent of U.S. $100 aren’t unusual. Great, isn’t it? Well, if nothing goes wrong it’s great. But, things often do go wrong.

Robert Sinclair

Some people still haven’t grasped that what they pay for is what they get – this principle applies to anything bought by a consumer, whether it’s from a shopping mall, garage sale, or website offering rock bottom airfares. Budget fares have only a few downsides, but they’re important to consider before purchasing a ticket. For starters, budget airlines frequently cancel their flights for various reasons, much to the surprise of the passengers. Refunds are difficult to get and re-bookings aren’t automatic.

There is another aspect of low-cost flights that are worth thinking about. Most budget airlines operate out of secondary, remote airports far from a city center. WOW Air is an exception: all flights going in and out of Iceland do so from Reykjavik so it’s not a problem. However, if you’re flying into the UK or somewhere else in Europe, and need to catch a connecting flight, things get trickier.

Budget airlines will charge for everything. The food is usually not that great and drinks are expensive, so it’s wise to prepare some snacks and/or sandwiches before getting to the airport. Also, airport taxes aren’t quoted in budget tickets and overweight bags can get very pricey. Buy cancellation insurance to be on the safe side, read all the fine print and come to the airport prepared for anything.

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